Low-emission zone Antwerp

Since the 1ste of February 2017, the city of Antwerp conducted a low-emission zone (LEZ) in the city center and in the district ’Linkeroever’. To improve local air quality and the health of residents and visitors, the most polluting vehicles are not allowed in this area.

Velo Antwerp

Move fast throughout Antwerp and her surrounding districts with the bikes from Velo Antwerpen. With a day pass, week pass or year card you can make short rides between the different Velo-stations. Read all about it on the website.
Day pass: 4 euro
Week pass: 10 euro
Year card: 49 euro

Trip usage
0-30 min.       FREE after registration
30-60 min.     + € 0,50
60-90 min.     + € 1
+ 90 min.       + € 5
                    Per started hour
          Max. 4 hours per ride